Once upon a time I built a Sim school. Then I got peer-pressured into creating the Krew. So welcome to the "direct to VHS" sequel of the show: Where babies. Only babies. Everywhere babies. So many babies. TOO MANY BABIES.

NO MOAR BABIES. ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
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Happy Korra Times

Morning comin’ up while they sleep.

Today is Sunday so there’s no school or work! Kaito’s birthday isn’t until the evening and Zuko’s still not able to play with his siblings…

Should they have a family outing? Should I send Zuko to play at someone’s house? Should I invite some friends over for him to play with?

Still at it, I see.

lariren-shadow replied to your post: First thing: Zuko asking his dad for a…

Before reading the caption I thought Zuko went up to Iroh and basically had a “YOU’RE NOT MOM” moment before asking Asami for a story.

Lol, na. He wanted Dad and Dad was cool with it but Mom got in the way. XD

Snow’s already sticking whee. Oooo I can put the lights up on the houses!

Asami’s kissing him with her eyes open

Probably cause he’s eating her nose

First thing: Zuko asking his dad for a bedtime story. But his mom interrupts, so then he asks his MOM for a bedtime story. Lately I noticed Zuko prefers to hear his stories in his parents’ bed and then climb into his bed after, which is kinda cute.

Gasp. It started snowing. Cause it’s winter.

Irosami is both drunk.

Also birthday party today yaaaaaaaaaay!


Let me know if there’s any of my sketches you guys would like to buy as a print and I’ll see if I can make it look good enough for printing.



Anyhow, here’s a link to MY store: (x)
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Anonymous asked:
Can you upload young katara to download

Uh really? o.O I guess I could

Anonymous asked:
Just wondering, are you planning on changing Lu to Opal at all or is she going to stay the same?

I’ve wanted to, but people are really attached to Lu herself and kind of oppose it.


Send asks or prompts.

This blog’s gonna be 1 year old in a couple days. :|