Once upon a time I built a Sim school. Then I got peer-pressured into creating the Krew. So welcome to the "direct to VHS" sequel of the show: Where babies. Only babies. Everywhere babies. So many babies. TOO MANY BABIES.

NO MOAR BABIES. ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
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Happy Korra Times


I drew fanart for a fanblog….I’m in too deep. 


My younger sister has informed me that she wants to try running my blogs for a day, especially this one. (I don’t think she realizes all the things I’ll need to teach her top accomplish that. This blog is actually a lot of work.)

But just so you guys know: I may let her do that at some point in the near future under a separate set of tags, just for a change of pace.

Anonymous asked:
Wait who has ponytails??


Anonymous asked:
I take it Aruna's getting her hair cut too as moral support for her mum? Either way, can't wait to see Korra's new hairdo :)

I was thinking the other way around, but I don’t see why not lol. I mostly just thought I’d be cute got them to have something to do together. And I’ll make their hair “Grow back” later on.

disgruntledturtle asked:
now Ryu has another toddler to play with :DDD (if they're ever in the same house...)

I should have Asami bring Kaito over for playdates. :D

disgruntledturtle asked:
Headcanon: Runi hates career day bc no matter which parent she brings half of her class is like "dude your mom/dad is hot" (makorra argue about who gets to go) (Nuktuk invites ginger every year hoping she'll show up this time) (she never does)

um OUCH with Ginger wow

Anonymous asked:
I ship zuko and aruna will you let it happen?

The game will do what it pleases, when they’re older.

And with that I’m heading to bed. I shall play again hopefully soon, and we shall return to Bopal’s household and get some time with Opal—who decided not to show up for the party. Psh.

Also haircuts coming soon! Cause that didn’t happen—sorry!

And look how pretty the houses are looking in the winter!!

Lol the Makorra crew leaves all together, and Mako and Korra are yawning mightily while Asami boasts about her gaming skills to her husband.

They trick-or-treat together. They play together. Their backyards are a few hops away from each other.

If Hiro hadn’t been born, I’m confident Nuktuk wouldn’t have felt alone without siblings, cause these two are ending close and it’s A D O R B S.

Hey where you goin’ Kaito?

Where you goin’?

Where you goin’ Kaito?


lariren-shadow replied to your post: Honora is playing violin very badly. A…

They have to try every bed.

I’m pretty sure that bed is a trail already blazed…