Once upon a time I built a Sim school. Then I got peer-pressured into creating the Krew. So welcome to the "direct to VHS" sequel of the show: Where babies. Only babies. Everywhere babies. So many babies. TOO MANY BABIES.

NO MOAR BABIES. ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
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Revel in My Misery

Katara’s passing out at the local dive bar

heartsyhawk asked:
It's like her scream of surprise/pain when the contraction hit and her water broke startled Kaito so she's like no it's okay, Baby. Mama's fine.

Yeah that’s kind of how I explained it in my head lol

He’s eating breakfast and I can hear Asami screaming upstairs.

Normally she’d have chosen to go to the hopsital by now, so I dunno what her deal is?

LOL she takes the time in between contractions to wave to Kaito even though she’s been in the room with him for hours wtc


"I want to ride my bicycle,  I want to ride my biiike…"

Aaaand, queue the last labor sesh.

Zuko woke up early, did his homework, and then ran to catch the bus (which for some reason was parked down the street)

And she’s rockin’ and mommying and rocking some more…

Everyone’s sleeping, except Asami. She’s just chillin’ in a chair.

I love you, bed

He just kinda chills with his dad after the story’s over.

Good thing Iroh’s not a light sleeper

kaselehlia replied to your post: So Zuko has his imaginary friend out. …

Maybe he just imagines what Atka would look like with bleached hair…

Lol awwwww. He needs to invite them over.

So Jelly Bean keeps making fun of Zuko and then talking to nobody? The imaginary friend has an imaginary friend…?

tspcapacity replied to your post: Apparently these two had a little spa…

it never fails to amaze me that these two are the ones who have the arguments while makorra does not. i guess makorra are just so compatibile it completely negates anything else.

I seriously think they have flipped relationship personalities.