Once upon a time I built a Sim school. Then I got peer-pressured into creating the Krew. So welcome to the "direct to VHS" sequel of the show: Where babies. Only babies. Everywhere babies. So many babies. TOO MANY BABIES.

NO MOAR BABIES. ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
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Happy Korra Times


haha….haaaa………simkorra please

As soon as I have the chance, yis. :)

Anonymous asked:
Hey! Just went through your whole blog in like 7 hours haha it's so fun to see the story unfold. I was wondering if you would ever consider putting your sims up for download? I have the same Korra sim as you but my Mako and Bolin sim look terrible even when I followed your instructions on how to make them. I don't know what went wrong. :(

That is REALLY impressive. Yeah, I’ll get to it eventually. Maybe I’ll just put them in a dropbox share…

Anonymous asked:
Did we ever give the Tahneska baby a name?

Not officially—I need to take the suggestions and do a poll. Got lost in the midst of all the other babies.

disgruntledturtle asked:
Remember that time Korra told mako she was pregnant with aruna and he got all excited and then played it cool (or at least that's how the game made it look lmao)

Yeah and he was so “cool” about it that he immediately wanted to buy Aruna a toy.

And so he did.

Anonymous asked:
Hi, i'm back with the names! Sorry for the wait, the finale was a little more pressing (sidenote: WOW THAT FINALE). Anyways, here they are, I tried to give them meanings as well. Aruna: 阿娈娜 ("Ah Luan Na" means beautiful) Atka: 捱咔 ("Ai Ka means persevering) Ryu: 锐 ("Rui" means having a fighting spirit) Emiko: 爱觅口 ("Ai Mi Kou" means seeking love) Kesuk: 铠肃 ("Kai Su" means respectful protector) Riku: 日喾 ("Ri Ku" means king). I even made one for Reika (i'm terrible): 瑞咔 ("Rui Ka" means lucky).

Awwwwwwwwwwww. Thank you! I shall take these down.

Anonymous asked:
tattoos the only character that needs tattoos is JINORA I DEMAND THAT YOU SHAVE HER HEAD AND GIVE HER ARROWS ASAP

Yis this is very doable.

Anonymous asked:
OMG, Jackie, have you seen the finale? I am on the brink of tears and need the next book more than I ever had the others

I totally have seen it, yeah—I was in the group that watched it right when it was posted on Amazon lol. :)

And I totally agree—I’m not gonna have inner peace or fandom balance until Korra’s happy again.

Wow this blog is gonna be some good therapy.


do u ever wonder who the fandom would ship you with if your life was a tv show or is that just me

korra-naga asked:
//So I just caught up with the current of events and let me get this straight, both Mako and Korra both want tattoos? How does that even look on the sims? Would it turn out good, depending on the design? Curious, what would have Korra and Mako have as tattoos or want for them?

Yeah it’d look fine—there’s lots of control over it. I could even make their tattoos.


I was feeling pretty blue lately, so i decided to purchase this lovely tote for myself even if I’m not there economically either, but what the frick i just live once and this bag is making me so ridiculously happy \(T∇T)/.Gracias querida Jackie for making this wonderful illustration available as a tote.

art by the talented and lovely @elventhespian.

Ahhhhhh! Do you actually have it now?


I was thinking maybe makorra should get matching “if found return to Korra” and “i am Korra” tattoos but where

pabu44 asked:
Are you planning on getting the Sims 4? I already have the Sims 3 and four expansion packs and I am doing research on the Sims 4 and it is so cool. I already downloaded the free Create-a-Sim and I really enjoy it. Do you think it is worth it to get the Sims 4 or just stay with the Sims 3? Also do you know if they will release any expansion packs for the Sims 4 or just have it as one game? Thanks!

I will probably be getting it, yes, but I never have bought a Sims game at launch. I will probably wait a year before I buy it.

Expansions packs are easy money, so I assume they will have expansions OR they’ll have a model that relies on a sims store for extra content via micro transactions. Or both, like The Sims 3 did.

Anonymous asked:
I'm dead set on the idea that reika was kaito's soulmate and it breaks my heart just thinking about it.

Ouch why do you guys insist on making things more painful than they already are?

Anonymous asked:
I'd love to come up with Chinese names for the kids! Only if you want to of course. I could get back to you in a day or so and give you the names i came up with (:

I’m not totally sure I’m doing the tattoos yet. But I might still use their names somewhere, so if you want to and are willing, I’d much appreciate it! I’ll draw you something in thanks, ya?