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You're a doll! Since I've been posting game caps from my Desna AU game I have gotten a bunch of messages saying I was copying you and I'm just a crappier version. I ignore most of it cause I just do it for fun cause I have a ton of spare time right now, but I did not expect to get hate for playing FREAKING KORRA CHARACTERS ON SIMS 3

People get silly and territorial about things they like. Just reblog my post and do what you want. :)


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Anyway best decision, because jibus this blog is such a relief from the poison of the overly hate watching critics (cough) of LoK fandom, I can tell you that many times your sims antics has lifted a pretty crappie day }:-D.

They’re crazy and silly. Also I hope I get a chance to play tonight—I think some time watching cute babies will lift my spirits.

My dear followers,

There is no trademark or patent or copyright or any other kind of “seal” on the idea of blogging about sim versions of the Krew. So please don’t bother other people who may or may not want to start their own games and blog about them—especially to accuse them or question whether or not the idea is “original.” It wasn’t even my idea entirely to start this blog—it was like.. Rachel’s and Lauren’s and Alice’s or something, and I just didn’t have the heart to turn them down.

It’s cute if you’ve adopted this storyline as “the one” and you love the characters as they are here. I do too, and I appreciate your support, fervor and attachments. But just like there’s no rule that says only one person can write equalist!Krew storylines in their fanfiction, there’s no rule that says other people can’t blog their sims. It’s all good, okay?

Grazie lovelies,


If you can like several fics or fanart you can probably like more than one Korra simblr :)

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When I get sick of job politics I start belting out Disney songs, regardless of what victims are in residence :D

Lol cute. Unfortunately I help manage a call center so not really in the cards. BUT I could probably listen to some of my favorite movie scores! (Sways to To Kill a Mockingbird in my head)

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How do you want Book 3 to go down?

With lots of kickass action sequences, continued character development, gorgeous animation and art design, and generally stellar production values, as usual? :)

I don’t set a whole lot of specific wishes. I’m more along for the ride in that sense. I would like to see for sure some proper development for Asami, but I don’t have specific bullet points on that—I just am not nearly as attached to her as I am to the three Fire Ferrets, and I would to be. More stellar bending moments for individuals—I thought Book 1 was a bit better at letitng each character have there own little “wow”moment. Have a villain who’s as good or better than Amon in execution. (I mean Unalaq was fun to hate and things, but Amon just had GRAVITAS and was generally well put together.) It’d be cool to watch Korra further re-define what being the Avatar means. I’m loving her personal journey so far and just wanna see more of it.

Things that would make me happy, but I won’t hurt if they don’t happen (much): bring back the bike and lightning bending for Mako and also give me some noir detective action at some point. Pro-bending? Just one scene? A chance to see the Krew having fun together, properly. Really just smiling faces again! Book 1 had Korra smirking and laughing and smiling for several episodes, and she was kinda miserable in Book 2. I’d like to see that girl who taunted her foes and drove people crazy again. :) Ba Sing Se. More cultural nods to the eras and regions of inspiration—I got the tribute to old Hollywood I wanted (thank you Bryke omg), and I would just love to see more litte things on how the world worked back then….